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Reviews of brunch experiences.

Brunch @ Drexels

I had the good fortune to visit Drexels for brunch yesterday with Jen. We chowed down on french toast and waffles, along with hot chocolate and grapefruit juice. Drexels is a longtime favourite of mine and is a bit of an institution among the Christchurch community at large - it is always packed and you usually need to book a week in advance to get a decent table! Another time I will write in more detail about the place, but it has a fantastic bustling atmosphere and they serve excellent American-style breakfasts.

Brunch @ Beauvais Cafe

About a week ago, a Nicky and I had an impromptu brunch at Beauvais Cafe. We were looking for something new and glancing through the Entertainment Book listed their name with a decent discount. So we decided to give it a try. It’s a little out of the centre of town and in the suburbs, but when we arrived, it was pretty full. The staff were very polite and very promptly found us a table.

Brunch @ Yaza

This morning, in addition to a number of errands in town, my mother and I visited Yaza for brunch. It fronts out onto the famous Nelson Saturday market and by 10am is always packed - luckily we got there early enough to find a good table! Yaza is a bit of a Nelson institution - they are famous for their cheese scones, which are consistently warm, cheesy, and totally addictive. In addition, they are served with a over-sized wedge of butter - what better way of indulging?

Brunch @ The Apple Shed

I’m on vacation in Nelson this week. This morning I had the pleasure of visiting the Apple Shed, a well appointed cafe on the wharf at the Mapua estuary. This place has a fantastic atmosphere - outside roughly hewn tables sit along the water front, the cafe itself sits out over the estuary and large windows look out over the stunning vista - sea birds, boats at anchor, and picturesque marshes in the distance.

Brunch @ Portstone Garden Café

Being on the east side of Christchurch, starving, and in need of brunch and a strong coffee - we eventually found a place to relax last Sunday morning. The Portstone Garden Café looked really promising - full of people - all of the right age and dress to have good taste, fairly nice decor - with a sort of rustic garden theme that fit in nicely with the garden centre it was attached to.

Brunch Reviews

Hey everyone! I’m planning to use this blog to write a few reviews on restaurants and cafes that I have had the good (or mis) fortune of visiting. For the most part these will be centered around brunch. I absolutely love going out to brunch - chatting about the week ahead, politics, science, and enjoying excellent food in a comfortable setting However, while a lot of my past brunch experiences have been amazing, such as a visit to the fabulously upper class breakfast restaurant - The Wolseley in the center of London, some have been distinctly disappointing.