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I'm a Software Developer from New Zealand

Travel - USA 2012 Trip

Here are all the blog posts from my 2012 trip to the USA.

USA 2012 - Day 1 : Christchurch to Laguna Woods, CA

It was a surprisingly well organised start, all things considered. I left Christchurch at 6:50 pm on Sunday night. Bags packed, money sorted, visa waiver applied for, passport secured, flights booked, laptop loaded etc. It had already been a very long day. I had spent the weekend cooking for 46 people for the UCanDance Hanmer trip, with maybe three hours of sleep. It had however, all gone even more smoothly than normal.

Back on the Road

Boats in the sunset at Newport Beach It’s been a while, but I’m back on the road. I’ll chuck up posts as stuff happens, but it’s going to be shorter than last time and being for the most part a work trip, almost certainly less exciting. I’m going to be in a few places across the big U.S. of A. So while I write some more details, here is a random photo.