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I'm a Software Developer from New Zealand

Quantified Self

2 minutes
February 1, 2015

Here is my first attempt at quantifying some of the data I’ve collected over the last year and a half. This chart plots my steps taken per week over the last 18 months and my weight changes over the last year. I had a vague goal of walking more than 70k steps each week so any value over that is highlighted.

How It’s Made

This chart is an SVG created using D3. The data is collected from apps running on my mobile phone, specificially Noom Walk and Noom Coach.

Data Accuracy

The weight data is a little intermittent but fairly accurate and averaged on a week by week basis. The step data is a little more inaccurate. It only adds steps when I have my phone on me and the battery is not flat, conversely it does add additional steps if travelling in a motorvehicle due to false positives. As the vast majority of my transport is walking, these factors probably mostly cancel each other out but I haven’t done a huge amount of calculations to prove how close they are - probably an average uncertainty of around 5%. Some values are clearly wrong, for example the first two weeks in Sep 2014 would have been much higher as I was walking large amounts while travelling in Turkey at that time but I kept my phone off.