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October 14, 2008

At university, one has the uncommon luck to run into the most interesting of people.

I refer specifically to an un-named ancient lecturer of MATH 115, a course whose material is unbelievably dry. During a lecture on graph theory this morning, he said:

“This type of weather is ideal to see bare skin and clevage bursting out all over the place.”

It appears that this is not his only comment on the flesh. During one lecture, when an attractive lady walked in and somebody ventured a wolf whistle. He said to the whole class… “I agree!” He tends to burst into song at random points throughout his lecturers, apparently, he also made some joke about dyslexia in one of his lectures which got him in trouble with the university board.

Update 2019-05-19: I believe that his comments on women eventually got him fired from his position

I have had a lot of excellent lecturers. For example, Wal, my software engineering lecturer, spends 10 minutes of each lecture telling us meaningful parables from his travels around the world. It seems this is not simply a teaching tool as he tends to tell them whether they have an obvious meaning or not. Having said that, the stories are absolutely, fantastically brilliant. Whether about surviving being stranded in the jungle or drinking toe infused beverages, they are always worth the their weight in gold!