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Mind Journey - Experience

3 minutes
October 12, 2008

Jan 2006

Experience… A 10 Minute Mind Journey By MJH

Emotions you can’t control, Sights that literally blow your mind, Smells that range from the alluring, to the ultimate mouth-watering, to the retched, Tastes that leaving you breathing fire for ten minutes or give you an orgasm of flavour, Sounds that leave you deaf for a day, or sound as tempting as a siren’s song, Touching of textures softer than silk, rougher than rock and more alive than the human heart, Memories that are so strong that you shake and have to physically turn away to think of something else.

Is there any more than things we have felt internally and externally? Do our minds actually do anything but corrupt the original sensation? Is the contaminated memory ever any better than the original? What is a dream? Memories? Is deja vu more than experience? Does one ever foresee the future?

Can one have memories of things that have yet to pass? Questions? An expression of a level of knowledge? Can we judge a person by their personality, their appearance or by the questions they ask? Can we judge a person by anything else?

Is anything ever clear cut? Take for example, physics, so many different levels, ever consolidating knowledge, what is fact or fiction, history and predictions… Where does the physics end and the history begin?

Do we live “for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”? Should we? Isn’t that too simplistic? Does this tie in with experience… Do we live to experience? Would our LL&PH be increased if we could remember things with greater accuracy or perfection? Would it make life boring? Is there power in remembering something better?

Is art a corruption of experience or/and memory? Is any art anything but a plagiarism of our memories? Does that therefore mean that art is JUST an expression of a person’s memories and experiences? If it is an expression, than is the art clearest to understand in terms of content show a clearer memory? In terms of emotions, if art is to portray emotions, does clarity and ease of understanding show a structured and developed emotional structure or a simple one or does it show the set of emotions that the artist can comprehend?

Does it matter what I think? If I think something it doesn’t make it right… Though it doesn’t make it wrong. Is thought dependant on memory and experience. Can we comprehend something if we haven’t experienced it?

Is there actually such a thing as original thought? How are things invented? What is inspiration? Could it be that knowledge of human endeavour combined with “knowledge” of nature allows one to “invent”? Is there another factor? Are some people naturally smarter than others? How big a part does conditioning have on one, how much genetics?

Does any of this matter? THINK… Well should we?

Update 2019-05-19: I cringe